Taking into account the behavior of the opponents

This is the differentiating aspect compared to other software of this type: its algorithm takes into account the likely hands of your opponents depending on the situation in which you are :

Position at the table. game spent for the situation game style cataloged thanks to all the information collected by the software during the hands played etc

The result is an action council submitted by the program. The marked card deck poker calculator does not just calculate the odds of your hand.

For example, a player who is still in play can not be considered to have the same hand as players who have gone to bed.

Customize the software to your style of play and that of other players at the table

The other highlight of the software is the ability to adjust it depending on the style of the opponent and the style you want to adopt. If you want to play in an aggressive or tight style, just indicate it in the options and the odds calculator will advise you accordingly. This will lead to totally different advice!

Using the software in real conditions: our analysis

A small window opens above your table when you open a poker table on a compatible site. This poster module is very simple, clear and efficient. It automatically calculates complicated calculations so that you focus only on the game. It will show you the odds of the pot to follow, the potential outs of your opponents, yours, the probability that you hold the game. winning hand, potential combinations, etc.

The small weak point is probably the display of cards in the software window that indicates the flop in real-time, which takes up space and clutters the screen unnecessarily.

The specificities of online poker:

Online poker cheating device has a lot of peculiarities about the live game. It is possible to play at any time because there are always tables open 24 hours on 24 and 7 days on 7 on the internet. You can play poker online from home quietly installed in front of your computer, on the go and even on the terrace of a brewery, thanks to your Smartphone or tablet. Online poker is practiced where you want, when you want but also as you want, because many variants are available on legal poker sites in France (these are the sites that have received approval from the specific authority, which is the Regulatory Authority of Online Games). Some types of games have even been invented by the operators and are only available online (in this type of game, as soon as you throw a hand, a new hand is assigned to you, which allows you to play a lot more hands than any other kind of game). On the internet, we meet opponents that we do not necessarily cross at the local casino. This is even more true with the sharing of liquidity that allows French players to play against Spanish or Portuguese opponents. Not only the variants are numerous but also, the limits are easily accessible. It is even possible to play for free, that is to say without money, with the mode “play money” in all poker rooms approved