Poker Opponent

How to Read your Poker Opponent

Time plays an important role here for online poker. This moment shows how quickly or slowly your opponents decide to bet or fold after the deal. Now let’s look at some online weather alerts and how they can help you give an idea of ​​what your opponents have. Good advice here is to use time indicators along with your opponent’s betting patterns to give you an idea of ​​what kind of hand they might have.

All qqpoker online players know that the choice of reading (also known as telling) about their opponents is critical to their chances of making big pots. Finding these notifications is much easier to play in a live environment, and you may soon know that every time your adversary scratches his nose, he holds a monster’s hand, so it’s time for you to fold. However, on the Internet poker scene, how do you get this ad when you play online?

Instant control is usually a sign that your opponent is low and throws a pot or waits until you check the free chance to improve your hand. Conversely, if the board shows the possibility of a straight or flush draw, and your opponent makes an instant call, then you probably reached the draw. Or, if they make the same instant call in response to your bet on the flop, turn and river, they may pursue your project in the hope of falling into it.

qq poker onlineConsider the speed with which your opponent is acting. In games with lower stakes, a quick raise or call is usually a stronger sign that they have a good hand and a quick check of what they do not have. Also think about how much or how little your opponent throws at the pot. Instant action with a large increase or instant call of your increase can mean danger to you if you are not sure that you have nuts.

Know your own game enough not to issue your own time warnings. To do this, try to spend the same amount of time each time you retire, check, call or increase your account. Do not take too much time or act too fast; instead, try using a consistent approach to determining time to hide time warnings and make your opponents guess.


Don’t put all your faith in time, he says. Be vigilant and use time notifications along with any other information you can get about your opponents at poker tables online. A more conscientious online poker player knows about the time and can be a little embarrassing to you, while a beginner or fish may not be so tricky.