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Gambling has permeated our lives in such a way that it seems that it is a way of life for some. It has been sensationalized in movies such as ‘Casino Royale’, we have celebrities who are known for their lavish lifestyle due to their gambling profession, and in almost every movie and tv show, gambling in the form of betting on racehorses or playing cards has been romanticized or shown to be ‘cool’. And with online people can just go to website and start the game in a short span of time. So, it should not come as a surprise to us that so many people are addicted to it. In fact, gambling excessively, either online or offline, has now been deemed to be a disorder.

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The Journal of Behavioural Addictions has defined gaming disorder or GD as, to put it simply, recurring and persistent patterns of gambling behavior, either offline or online, which leads to impaired functioning. It is a well-known disorder and has about 250 works of literature written on it. GD also has been proven to be linked to other disorders such substance use, and food addiction. In other words, people who are addicted to offline and the ones who go to website for gambling often are also substances such as cigarettes and/or alcohol. This is true for both adults and youths.

Online Betting Platform

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As I have mentioned before, movies and TV shows have portrayed gambling in a sensationalizing way. Let’s take a classic example – ‘Casino Royale’ starring James Bond. When you were watching the poker scene in the movie, did it make you feel like playing poker in an actual casino? Did it make you want to see if playing in a casino in real life, would be the same as depicted in the movie? With beautiful women watching you with desire as you throw wads of money to play and order a fancy drink to sip while looking cool as you strategize and try to determine your opponent’s next move?

The reality is that playing poker or betting on horse races has been stereotyped as something successful people do. This has led some to gamble to try to portray themselves as successful. For some, it may be simpler. It may have just started as a simple pass-time, gambling on an online site and then progressed to full-blown addiction. In my opinion, how most addictions start is with a simple thought, ‘Why not give it a try?’.