Knowing the Roulette better

Some games in the casino do not require much of the thinking. All you have to do is make a bet and wait for the outcome to be declared. These games help the house to make capsa susun online uang asli because the win is completely determined by luck. There is no one’s luck that can favor him all the time. One such game that excites all the gambler is roulette. It may be difficult to win but is really awesome to play.

Get to know the types of roulette

Before knowing how to play roulette, let us first know the types of roulette that are available capsa susun online uang asli. There are people who confuse with French Roulette and American Roulette. It is true that if the name is changed then the game is also changed. Let us know the difference between the two:

  1. French or European Roulette: the French roulette wheel has 37 pockets which are marked from 1 to 36. They are colored in red and black in an alternate fashion. In addition to that, another pocket is colored green. This pocket is numbered 0. The numbers in French roulette are randomly printed on the wheel.
  1. American Roulette: in addition to the 37 pockets these roulette consists of 1 additional pocket. Therefore, in total it has 38 pockets. The pockets in the wheel are numbered as 0-37 and an additional pocket numbered 00. In American Roulette, the pockets are randomly numbered.

How to start playing roulette

Roulette consists of a table that has a board on it. The board has a number on it and at the side, there is a wheel and a ball. The wheel has a number on it that is colored.

Before starting the game, the croupier asks the gambler to place their odds. They place the bets on the odds. There are several ways to bets, you can choose for a specific number, or the color the ball will fall, or a number of numbers. There are many ways to bet on. After everyone has made their bets, the croupier stops the betting process. However, it completely depends on the croupier as to when he wanted to stop the best. There is a handful of croupier who stops the betting process just a few seconds before the wheel is stopped.

Once the betting is stopped, the croupier spins the wheel as fast as he can and then he drops a ball onto the wheel. However, the ball that is dropped can be one or two. The wheel then stops with time and then it lands on a number. If the number is what you have selected, then you are to win the bet and take lots of money home.


As said earlier, roulette depends very less on skill and completely on chance. Hence, to predict the number is near to impossible. Understating the game is also easy.