Play Slots Online: Understand The Wild Symbols

Slot games used different symbols, characters, and figures in each machine. So, if you see a game of reels, all of them are the same game. It only differs on the used symbols or characters, but the way how to win the game is the same. Plus, the winning symbol combinations have the same rules. You don’t have to get puzzled about it as it only differs on the symbols used on every slot machine. If you are an interested player in the slot game, join to play now. Upon playing the slot game, you might wonder why you won but the winning symbol combinations don’t have the same result on the slot machine. Now, you have to understand that slot games have different winning symbol combinations, such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, and so on. But, before touching the other slot-winning symbol combinations, you must understand the wild first.

What is the wild?

Wilds are stapled additions since the entrance of bonus features in the sets. The importance of wild symbols lies with the ability to trigger any combinations of the character. Thus, punters don’t have to depend on the standard characters to complete the winning combinations. The combination’s value can also be driven up with the symbols if they have other attached bonus features. At, you will learn how the wild is used, such as the following types of wild icons.

Different types of wild icons

The importance of wild symbols varies depending on how it functions. All the wild characters have similar initial functions – to substitute other icons to activate the payout clusters. Here are the common variations of wild icons used to amplify the slot features:

  • Standard wilds. These wilds are the standard version, which replaces the other symbols to complete the combos. The icon creates its combinations, depending on the slot machine.
  • Sticky Wilds. These wilds remain on the grid from one or more rounds. In some slot machines, it sticks around before exiting the play table.
  • Stacked wilds. These wilds appear on the grid that covers part or the entire reel. It appears on top of each other and can also be restricted to the specific areas of the grid. It will exit on the screen together with the other icons after each round.
  • Walking wilds. These wilds stick around for more than 1 round once it comes into view. It usually moves from 1 reel to the next, with each spin until exiting the play table.

These are just a few of the wilds. So, you must learn the other wilds for your knowledge.