Will card gaming ever rule the world?

Before going to topic first we go its brief introduction, in world, everything has a definition, there card game have also a define as a games -where players bets the value of game according to card in hands and played a game, at the end of the game a player who holding a highest bets in hand is declared as a winner. The main objective behind this game is to win money by capturing the pot and pot is made by highest bet during the hand. As a betting of the cards or hand reflects that card game is a combines of gambling, strategy and different skills. Card game is a 100% of skills based game for long run but however there is a Luck which is also an important element for winning the game along with game skills. The card game is also know as a Poker game and it was first time used in around 19th century.  Card game increased its popularity in compare to primarily where people activity participated within a small group but with the help of online facility many professional players and multi million –dollar game competition are organized and involved more and number of people in card game.

There are many card games and all games follow a rule and its term and conditions, games types are as follows:

1. Texas Hold’em-It is a famous card game in the world. Only one demerit of this game that it will not play in casinos and card room, but it is a table game and where dealer play a important duties and shuffle a 52 cards and shared among the players in a clockwise direction. And dealer played there player with 52 cards and round disc in a round table and where the betting is conducted. In this game each player is deal with two hole cards and tried to creating a best five card hand, among a following player two of them are on the left of the dealer and they required to post a small and big blind for starts the betting game.


And in this game there is four stage of betting which are:

(1)The preflop- It is a begins of betting where players received their hole card,

(2)The flop- It is occurs when the first three community cards are deal.

(3)The turn- The turn is placed after the fourth community card is deal

(4)The river- It is placed at the final and fifth community card is deal.

2. Omaha High- It is similar to Texas Hold’em, if anyone who learn a Texas Hold’em , he can easily play on Omaha High and in both game players hoping to win a pot with a high hand. In Omaha High there is a one thigh which is different from Texas Hold’em is that player must use two hole cards together in three community card.

As we know Poker is a casino game and it played online and Offline , and present generation addict  of mobile game, which result comes that these games has been equal responsible for a huge increase in the number of players in worldwide.