Domino Game Strategies for Guaranteed Win

Domino Game Strategies for Guaranteed Win

People say dominoes is a game of blind luck. This depends totally on the tiles you draw and what the other players put down. However, this is not the case. In fact, dominoes is a game where tactics and strategies are needed in order to win. These are important factors in order to dominate the table and win the game.

There are many types of domino game plays. There are block and draw type, point type, and even Chinese domino.  For this purpose, we are going to highlight game strategies for the classic block and draw game. These tips will give you a head start against other players.

Strategy 1: Set down doubles early. Doubles have the same suit value so you will have fewer opportunities to set them down. It is a better idea to play them when you have the chance so as not to get stuck with it.


Strategy 2: Set heavier tiles early. It is very difficult to know who wins a round of dominoes. That is why you play your heavier tiles early to have an advantage. At least with this, even if your opponents have high scores, the lead would not be significant.

Strategy 3: Hold variety. It is important to have a steady supply of different suits for as long as you can hold. With this, it will give you a range of options with regards to the tiles you can lay down. This would prevent you from not putting any tile forcing you to pass.

Strategy 4: Know your opponents suits. Since you are playing with other people, it is important to know and keep track of their weak suits. For instance, if an opponent passes on their time, take note of the suit values they don’t possess. This would be helpful to know so you can block them in later in the game.

Strategy 5: Work your opponent’s tiles. If you now began to take note and study the tiles they play, you can be able to guess what your opponents are holding too. This will make it easy to put tiles on your end.

Playing dominoes is not at all difficult. But developing evolving strategies and techniques to win is a totally different matter. So work out these strategies for that guaranteed win in your next domino game at