Brief history of online poker

While the game itself has a couple of centuries of history, its PokerQQ online version is much more recent, although it may be a little less than you think. It all began in the time of the IRC – a text-based real-time communication protocol that was very fashionable during the 1990s and especially in the first half of the 2000s. Through this technology, many users started playing online poker, although still without real money.

At the peak of poker in IRC, in 1998, the first poker room on the Internet where you could bet real money: Planet Poker. From there, he began his ascension without looking back. New rooms began to open, such as Paradise Poker or, a bit later, Party Poker.

Today there are more than six hundred operating rooms around the world that offer all kinds of variants of this game. Who was going to say that poker, with more than two hundred years of history, was going to live its golden days in the 21st century in the hands of new technologies?


Only the caramel to welcome is not enough, once you’re in the room, you have to look a little forecast future, online poker rooms have a wide range of promotions such as races rake ( racing rake ), rake back , bonuses reload …

Playing poker online

The imagination in terms of promotions has no end, so it is not enough just to look at them before registering, but to keep track of the promotions

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