Bonuses and Promotions in online betting sites

Whatever we say, bonuses and promotions remain the main motivations for registering with a bookmaker for online betting. It is essential to master certain cogs, the operating modes, in order to choose your operator with full knowledge of the bonuses and promotions. Let’s start with what is arguably the most important: the welcome bonus. Click here for ดีเจ มังกร.

Welcome bonus

It can be offered in several forms: free bets, deposit bonus, or sometimes no deposit bonus, although this is rare. The first thing bettors look at is the amount of the bonus, but what you need to be careful about is the conditions surrounding it. These are among others:

  • The minimum amount of the first bet
  • The minimum odds
  • Is the bonus offered even if it is a winner or only a loser?
  • The conditions for bringing back the bonus offered before the possibility of withdrawal
  • The percentage offered compared to your first deposit (also called match bonus)

The value of the bonus

Here you should know that when you use free bets offered to bet, you only get the profit back, that is, the operator deducts the amount of the bet. Example: You are using a $ 10 free bet for an odds 2.00 event. You will win (10 € x 2) -10 € = 10 €

These conditions are essential because the more restrictive they are, the more difficult it will be to meet them. In this case, you might as well start your adventure without the bonus or choose a more flexible bookmaker. Do not hesitate to consult reviews to find out more about each of the sports betting sites operating in the market. Visit this site for สมัคร คา สิ โน ฟรี.

Loyalty program, sponsorship, or bonuses by section

The operators offer referral bonuses as well as loyalty bonuses.

If you refer others to the betting site and they make a deposit in the site, you will get some bonus which will help you play more games.

If you are someone who frequently play in the betting site, then you will be offered loyalty bonus, as a gratitude. The betting site wants you to keep playing on the site that is why they will keep offering you bonuses like this.

Festival bonus

Online betting sites also offer festival bonuses for the players. For example- at the occasion of Christmas, the online betting sites offer unique bonuses and promotional offers for the players.