Up to date, casino and any forms of gambling activities are illegal in Indonesia. The word “Judi” in Indonesia it means gambling or online poker. Well, even if it is in online – still it’s a gambling, an online gambling. The online gambling is forbidden too and the government blocks foreign gambling sites as well. There is not much information about the penalties for playing at an offshore online casino if there is any, though.

Indonesia is one of the world’s more unusual nations. It stretches between two continents – the Asia and Oceania. And rather than being one landmass, it is comprised of a chain of over 17,500 islands. And divided into thirty-four (34) different provinces. It enjoys healthy economic ties with the rest of Asia. The government of the said country has already gone to great lengths to ban the gambling in all its forms.

All forms of gambling are illegal in Indonesia due to the predominant religion of Islam. Islamic teaching forbids gambling altogether. The anti-gambling laws are heavily enforced to, at least, when we talk about land-based activities. Therefore, there aren’t any legally operating brick and mortar casinos or other gambling establishments in the country. Illegal gambling still exists in the country but the Indonesian authorities constantly raid the underground facilities. Online gambling is prohibited too and the government blocks offshore online gambling websites as well. It is not known whether players are prosecuted for playing at an offshore online casino, though.

Judi online poker

Judi online poker in Indonesia is, in a way, less restricted than traditional land-based games in the country. While there are no proper Indonesian online poker sites to speak of, local players are able to use large, international poker websites to satisfy their gambling needs. These sites are run in countries where the Indonesian government has no jurisdiction, so they cannot be shut down by local authorities.

Here are some of the poker sites that plays thru online:

  • Bet365 Poker
  • Poker Stars
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • Party Poker
  • and so many other sites.

In addition, foreign internet poker sites that accept Indonesian players will probably not be offered in the local language, but they will allow players to enjoy real-money games and tournaments over the internet. A variety of poker games will be offered.

While Indonesia will probably never legalize online gambling, online poker in Indonesia remains one way for local players to enjoy the game.