A Fun Time Free Slot The Secret Elixir Slot Machine

A Fun Time Free Slot: The Secret Elixir Slot Machine

Since time immemorial, man has been interested in games of chances and testing his/her lucks to the extreme. We have found a number of ways to put our luck on the line and enjoy the thrill. Sometimes we win; at others we lament our loss. There is not much to be done once the ball is out of your hand. It is where the wheel stops and whose number it sits upon. Welcome to the latest in this series of games, the secret elixir slot machine. It lets you assess your chances over 5 reels with 10 adjustable pay lines.

The rewards:

It depends upon the combination you land upon, with approximately 10000 combinations up for anyone playing; it is totally a matter of luck if you win. Now winning, depends upon getting the same pay line in 3 or more than 3 reels. If you manage to get same in all 5 (which are extremely rare) then you are up for the grand prize.
The prize that you will get also depends proportionally upon the amount you bet. The total bet amount can reach a limit of 1000 credits with you getting an option to choose from 1 to 100. There are two things you can bet on; the first being the credit you gain per line the second is on the number of pay lines that you manage to get identically. To place bets you can either use the start button or go for the option of Auto play.

The element of risk:

In secret elixir slot  machine, you can also make use of the traditional ‘double or nothing’ gambling move (minus the ‘or nothing’ part) o increase the amount of your winnings. If you manage to secure 3 or 4 similar reels, use the Gamble button to activate this option. You will have to guess the color of the suit to double your prize money. Alternatively, you can choose to simply accept your current reward.

The biggest attraction:

The best feature of this game is that you stand to win 240,000 credits and that too for free. Yes! You do not have to make any form of deposits, free spins are offered to the player. The total credits you gain depend upon the combination you secure. Each figure on the 5 reels have been assigned some value, for calculating the total, they are multiplied together.